Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Smashing Splashing Good Time!

Spunky, Keisha, and Addison came down this weekend to hang out with us! We had a great day on Saturday with Cooper and Addison enjoying a little pool party. It's Memorial Day Weekend - pool parties are a must, right? Cooper got his splash on as you will see in the last pool pic. They had fun!

Everything was going well until I started to run a 103 degree fever. I seriously don't know the last time that I've ever run a fever that high. My guess is that I caught Cooper's virus from last weekend. When it was still 101 the next morning, Keisha, Spunky, and Addison decided to head out early so we didn't get to finish our weekend. :(

I'm going to quarantine us! Sean just called from work and said that he's running a fever! I think maybe it will make him feel better to see this doctor - paging Dr. Giese!

Cooper's play stethoscope that he ALWAYS hangs around his neck like doctors do. Is he mimicking his Daddy or is this telling his future???

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome Spring!

**Okay, Blogger and I are having technical issues so these pictures are in a crazy order.**

This weekend Mom and Dad came to visit. Even though Cooper had been sick running a fever and Sean had a crummy stomach bug, we ended up having a great time. By Saturday Cooper was feeling better and we wanted to escape Sean germs so we went to Mayberry, home of Andy Griffith. We just had a fun relaxing weekend enjoying each other and celebrating Mom's birthday :).

Cooper in our driveway in the back of my dad's truck

Check out this antique barber chair in one of the shops in Mayberry. Dad totally needs to get one of these for his Barber Shop!

My Mother's Day a couple of weeks ago was GREAT. My favorite thing had to be the fridge art that Cooper made me in Sunday School - my first artwork from him. It was just a traced hand but I was/am so excited by it!
Cooper has also learned how to pull up in his crib. He pulls up on everything else but the crib has eluded him... until one morning at the beginning of May when I woke up to this. No, he's not walking yet. He's seriously FAST crawling - like he keeps up with me when I'm walking - and has absolutely no interest in walking since it's so much slower than crawling for him. He's cruising along furniture a lot but he can't crawl forever...

We have been lovin' the mild Spring weather lately! We enjoyed it so much that we decided to go on a hike to Hanging Rock yesterday since Sean had the day off. Working weekends is not nearly as bad since I am not working a job outside home and we can make our weekends anytime. This was Cooper's first hike and he chilled in our Kelty Kid Pack (highly recommended!) and enjoyed the scenery, smiled and waved at people that we saw on the hike, and laughed at Parker who was our fearless and enthusiastic leader.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To the Greatest Mothers I know....