Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, we're in! It has been a very busy month since I've blogged last. The move was HOT but uneventful and for that we are thankful. We love, love, love our new place and feel so blessed to be here. We have finally begun to feel settled. Not a picture has been hung but other than that, everything is unpacked and put away. The rush and chaos of the move has begun to slow down. We took this past weekend just for ourselves and didn't do a single house thing. It was wonderful to have a sense of normalcy back.

Cooper now says, "We're home," when we pull into THIS driveway instead of the old one. We went by the old house last night and allowed him to go in for the first time since we moved. We weren't sure if the sight of the empty house would upset him or not. The emptiness didn't seem to affect him at all and he boldly proclaimed, "Home!" as we pulled back into our new house driveway. Whew!

He had trouble sleeping for a bit after we moved. Not the actual sleeping part but the going down part. It was taking 1-2 hours to just get him to go to sleep. He is a child who you just put in the crib fully awake at nap and bedtime and he will just go right to sleep - being a non-cuddler, he actually preferred it this way. Needless to say, this 1-2 hour business was a big switch for us! He didn't seem scared but I don't think he was completely comfortable either. Thankfully, he seems to have adjusted and can go down in 15 minutes now. He still needs more rocking/reading/singing than he ever has before but 15 minutes is totally doable and truth be told, I like my non-cuddly child to need some cuddling every once in a while!

He's also getting funnier as he gets older. Proof:

We are in the VERY beginning stages of potty training. We're in the just sitting out and hanging out on the potty stage. Cooper has never actually used the potty but gets the gist of what is supposed to go on there. After he woke up from his nap today with a dry diaper, I decided it would probably be an opportune time to sit on the potty and see if he could use it. After sitting there for about 15 minutes he says, "It's not working. Daddy will fix it!" Too funny that he thought Daddy could fix him going to the potty. Daddy has fixed a lot of things around here lately, but unfortunately Cooper's potty usage is not one of them! :)

Also, Sean has some old bleach stained pants. When he put them on today to go mow, Cooper said, "Ooooh! Daddy! Stars on your pants!" Hilarious!

Loving this funny stage!