Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Catch-up Post

What have we been up to lately? Lots! Besides Valentine's Day where Sean and I got dinner AND a movie out and Cooper got some candy and a stuffed lion, we've been having great fun...

Courtesy of Triad Smarty Pants, I won 4 circus tickets for the Ringling Bros. Circus last week. Since we had an extra ticket, Addison got to come and spend 2 nights with us and go to the circus! She and Cooper had lots of fun playing with his toys and did pretty well at the circus! We did have to make several walking laps around the arena but Cooper's favorite part was the elephants and Addison's was the trapeze (or swinging and flying, as she called it). I think it was a success and we loved having her here and all to ourselves for a few days.

We've had a few sick days....
Made a few messes...

We went back to the doctor and Cooper has gained 4 pounds. He's back into the 9th percentile and his doctor, Lia, was happy with his progress. Hooray for beefing him up! I swear he eats well - anything and everything - but he's um.... ACTIVE! and we've just got to make sure he gets a lot of good healthy fats - peanut butter, ranch dressing on veggies, his absolute full dose of milk every day, etc. are what we've been doing to help him gain back to his healthy weight.
We've had a few snow days. Luckily, Daddy got to actually be home for some of them.
We also got to visit the Art Quest in Greensboro with our Trips for Tots group. The kids got to paint (check Cooper looking cute in his smock!), work with clay, cut, paste, glue, rubber stamp, create with blocks, puppets, and their velcro wall of shapes to design their own art. We had so much fun and Cooper's favorite by far was the painting station. We went back to it time and time again.

And of course, what's life with a toddler without many more messes?

Happy February everyone!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jonah's EB Auction

Hi! Just wanted to draw your attention to something pretty cool. We don't actually know these people personally but they are friends of friends and we live in the same town. We have all sorts of crazy connections and have not yet met but I feel like I know them anyway. Their story always brings a tear to my eye.

Their son Jonah has a condition called EB and for his first birthday (a miracle!) they are celebrating by raising funds for the organization that is looking for a cure for his disease. If you want to know more about Jonah, his brother Gabe, and his parents, Matt and Patrice, you can check out their blog here. AND... Go check out Jonah's EB Auction here!